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Saint 2


By the holy warriors of the original class team carefully crafted large-scale turn-based combat hand tour "holy warriors 2" strikes again, 100% of the original blood Legends reproduce the classic story. Saint distinctive by the One who will debut in the game, in order to guard the goddess Athena to fight, players will enjoy the epic myth-level combat experience in the game!One, the holy warriors of the same people to build! 2015 The most original Saint Seiya!Second, the Pegasus Meteor Fist! Lushan Thang Long Pa! Cool special effects to restore classic Shazhao!Third, the stunning Cloth blasting the audience! Super beautiful type! Combat power surge!Fourth, a copy of the checkpoints! Treasure hunt adventure! Play fun novelty can not stop!Fifth, burn it! Small universe! Cock wire can counter-attack high handsome rich!Adding "holy warriors 2", as the guardian of the goddess Athena, the final battle is approaching!
"Saint Seiya 2" new version of the update three Aspect
[The new fighting games are played tribute to the goddess]Experience a new universal crusade against the world BOSS play, grabbed the goddess crusade giftOriginal small universe of play, to enhance the damage bonus, breaking sixth sense! Desperate counter-attack spike BOSS!Scramjet trick against + generous bonus = totally kill the myth not stop fighting!
[Cloth strongest assists for the goddess of war]Gold Silver Bronze sacred clothes full debut! Most all of the most magnificent Cloth war u not miss!Cloth Set effects of combat power surge! Goddess bless Advanced Cloth! Push the boundaries! Challenges infinite possibilities!
[Experience authentic holy warriors story]Majestic atmosphere revisit the classic story is set, to ensure that players can experience the most authentic high quality mobile games holy warriors!